Vision & Values


The world is one of colour, of opportunity, of diversity, of beauty.

We believe the world needs vibrancy, indulgence and inspiration. We believe that people should never stop discovering and never stop being surprised. We see our role as bringing together the best that our world has to offer – creating unique goods that help people to explore and experience the exotic, the vibrant and the unknown; helping people to see their world in a different and better light. We want to create products have the power to amaze and astonish.


Exploring and connecting: we bring the best and the unexpected from around the world.

Daring to be different: we constantly evolve to be contemporary, new and refreshing.

Embracing Diversity: we respect different views, cultures, nature and the freedom of people and their expressions.
Seeking the best and pushing boundaries: we take the time and consideration to find the finest, never willing to accept less.

This vision and our four values drive everything we enterprise; the choice of our categories, the quality of our products, the way we communicate with our customers and the people we invite to join our company.