The Company Today

At The East India Company today, we are constantly trying to evolve the business for the ever changing world. We are building the brand on the basis of compassion, not aggression. Drawing upon our wealth of heritage and connections we stand for unity in diversity.

Deep within the world’s sub-consciousness is an awareness of The East India Company, a powerful picture of who we are. This gives us a unique opportunity – We don’t have to tell most people that we exist, nor tell them what to think and feel. With this comes great responsibility. We want to live up to our reputation as pioneers, to bring extraordinary goods from around the world to our discerning customers and we want to do this fairly, ethically and honourably.

Our vision is a simple one: to establish The East India Company as a luxury brand for the modern commercial world.

Today, The Company draws inspiration from its unique heritage with a spirit of Remarkable Connections. It continues to explore the world to surprise and delight customers with inspirational tastes crafted from the finest ingredients the world has to offer – it remains a quintessentially British brand with influences from diverse cultures.