Pioneering Spirit

The East India Company was pioneering, with an adventurous spirit, driven to explore and discover.

Hearing ‘The East India Company’ may evoke thoughts of the exotic; of explorers, adventurers; pioneers. Traders and adventurers at heart, The Company built connections around the world with societies distant and diverse.

The Company thrived on its journeys and voyages. This Pioneering Spirit is an asset at the core of what we aim for as a company and a brand. In everything we do we consult both the history and wealth of knowledge and skills we have in our producers and artisans across the globe. The East India Company today is adventurous, dedicated to quality, bringing people closer together and intrinsically adding value to any category we enter.

We are pioneers, explorers and innovators. We are idealists, dreamers, traders. We seek to enrich our world, at heart we are merchants, traversing the oceans to make new connections, to find new lines, to set up new trading relationships.

We have carved the brand out of the history of The East India Company, the spirit of great exploration and adventure are the assets we take forward with us.