King George III Great Seals Bronze Medal


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The Great Seals Medal Collection

The second in a series of Bronze Medals featuring designs from the Great Seals of the Realm


George III, by the grace of God King of Britain, defender of the Faith

The second in this new series of bronze medals issued by The East India Company to celebrate these majestic pieces of craftsmanship is inspired by the Great Seal of King George III. A beautifully intricate design, it shows on its obverse the King seated on a throne surrounded on both sides by allegorical figures with a majestic lion at his feet.

On the medal’s reverse a King George III rides on horseback sword in hand as per the tradition found on the Great Seals of the realm. Surrounding the motif are the words GEORGIUS TERTIUS DEI GRATIA BRITANNIARUM REX FIDEI DEFENSOR (George III, by the grace of God King of Britain, defender of the Faith). 

Carefully struck in Bronze and antiqued with a diameter of 75mm, each majestic piece is presented in a presentation case with informative certificate of authenticity and sleeve. A total of 500 medals will be issued.

Your medal will be delivered in a velvet pouch inside the presentation case and unlike our proof coins, is not placed in a capsule to allow you to appreciate the true beauty of the piece in your hands.

The Great Seals Medals Collection feature the ornate and detailed designs from the greatest British Kings and Queens paying tribute to the sanctity of the Monarchy which is the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom


About the Great Seals of the Realm

The Great Seal of the Realm is part of a tradition that goes back for centuries and symbolises the power of the Monarch of Great Britain. First introduced at the court of King Edward the Confessor (reigned 1042 – 1066) it’s use has continued, unbroken, ever since.

It is the main seal of the Crown and signifies the Monarch’s approval of the most important State documents.  A pictorial reminder of the power of the ruling Monarch, the royal image is imprinted in heavy wax to officially confirm their full support and approval to the document on which it is attached. An ancient symbol of royalty, the Great Seal provides a link to all kings and queens of the past showing that the British Monarchy whilst evolves over time, always remains constant.



Alloy : Bronze

Diameter : 75mm

Edition Limit : 500 Medals


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