2020 Sovereign Gold Proof Five Coin Set


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A stunning heritage collection to celebrate some of King George III’s greatest coinage on the 200th Anniversary of the end of his reign


The 2020 Sovereign collection celebrates one of the most extraordinary chapters in British history and is a unique tribute to some of King George III’s greatest coinage during his reign.

Released on the 200th Anniversary since his death in 1820, each coin in this beautiful heritage collection is inspired by the original designs widely considered to be King George’s most significant.




King George III ascended the British throne in 1760 and was to become England’s longest ruling monarch until his granddaughter Queen Victoria. During his 59-year reign he presided over victory in the Seven Years’ War, a successful resistance to the threat of a Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and most famously the loss of the American Revolution. His reign saw the acquisition of Australia and New Zealand to the British Empire, the abolition of the Slave Trade throughout British colonies and the uniting of Great Britain and Ireland by the Act of Union creating a new ‘United Kingdom’. A devoted family man King George III was conscientious and well educated with a keen interest in science and the arts.

Commemorating one of Britain’s most famous and controversial monarchs on the 200th anniversary of the end of his reign in 1820, this series of five 2020 Sovereign denominations promises to be one of the most faithful and unique tributes to his reign celebrating some of his most exceptional coin designs and exploring the fascinating stories behind them.

This classical collection of five sovereign denominations includes:

The 2020 Five Sovereign Gold Proof Coin 

Celebrating the introduction of the famous St George and the Dragon design, this beautiful five sovereign gold coin features a new interpretation of the classic St George and the Dragon. This design first appeared on the Sovereign in 1817 when, under the reign of King George III, the gold guinea was replaced with a lighter sovereign coin following the Great Recoinage Act of 1816.

Pistrucci’s depiction of this epic scene also featured on King George III’s 1818 Crown, the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued in his reign. Struck in Sterling Silver and issued from 1818-1820, it’s provenance was that it was the first ‘new’ Crown coinage to be struck with only 155,000 coins minted.

This 2020 Five Sovereign design displays a new interpretation of Pistrucci’s classic design. This spectacular scene is surrounded by the Latin motto “HOIT SOIT QUE MAL Y PENSE” translating to “Shame on him who thinks evil of it” – the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter.

The 2020 Double Sovereign Gold Proof Coin 

The 2020 Double Sovereign issued to commemorate the end of the reign of King George III, is inspired by the famous ‘counter stamped’ Spanish Dollar of 1797. The enormous cost of the French Revolutionary Wars and fear of invasion on the Irish and Welsh coast had led to a run on the Bank of England with customers demanding and withdrawing vast sums of cash.

Much of the Bank’s reserves were held in Spanish Silver Dollars – the most popular silver coin of the time. In 1797 King George III authorised the counter stamping of Spanish dollars with a ‘puncheon’ of the Kings head as part of the hallmarking. These countermarked coins were released rapidly into the market allaying the currency crisis.

The 2020 Double Sovereign design features the effigy of King Charles III of Spain inset with the effigy of King George III to represent the same process as the original silver Spanish Dollar coins.

The 2020 Sovereign Gold Proof Coin 

The 2020 Sovereign features the Spade Guinea design in commemoration of the world’s most trusted gold coin which became the very foundation of the British Empire’s growth during the late 17th and 18th century. In 1816 the guinea was replaced with the sovereign with the introduction of the Great Recoinage Act.

The Spade Guinea, nicknamed because of the spade like shaped shield on its reverse, was the last circulating Guinea of King George III. First introduced in 1787 its design represented England and Scotland, France, Ireland and the German possessions of the Hanoverian dynasty.

The 2020 Half Sovereign Gold Proof Coin 

The 2020 Half Sovereign is issued as a tribute to King George III’s 1817 Silver Half Crown, the first silver crown to be issued following the Great Recoinage Act which featured a garnished shield bearing Royal arms within the Garter, crowned, with the motto on Garter, HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE.

The 2020 design features the a motif inspired by the original first silver crown of King George III surrounded by the Latin motto “HOIT SOIT QUE MAL Y PENSE” translating to “Shame on him who thinks evil of it” – the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter.

The 2020 Quarter Sovereign Gold Proof Coin 

The 2020 Quarter Sovereign tells the story of the fascinating ‘Dorrien and Magens shilling’ of 1798, largely referred to as King George III’s rarest shilling. With silver in short supply during the Napoleonic Wars the Royal Mint, keen to buy silver to coin offered attractive prices to sellers of silver bullion in a bid to attract more of the metal to be converted in to coins. In 1798 the price of silver dropped suddenly and a group of private bankers led by Mr Dorrien-Magens quickly shipped silver bullion to the Royal Mint to convert to silver shillings taking advantage of the opportunity to sell at a higher attractive rate.

The process was eventually halted by the mint, leaving large quantities of silver unassayed and approximately 30,000 coins were ordered to be melted leaving the Bankers furious. A discrepancy in records indicates that 285 pieces had gone astray in the melting process. Today there are approximately 20pcs believed to remain – with 8pcs held in museums. Only 4pcs of this unique coin have been seen in the last 10 years.

The 2020 design features a design inspired by the original ‘Dorrien and Magens Shilling’ and is surrounded by the Latin motto “HOIT SOIT QUE MAL Y PENSE” translating to “Shame on him who thinks evil of it” – the motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter.


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