2019 Portcullis Money 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin


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Portcullis Money – Britain’s first international trade coin


‘The 2019 Empire Collection’
‘The story of the British Empire told through a collection of noteworthy coins’

The vast British Empire of the nineteenth century was built by an unprecedented period of international trade dominated by the British, which would ultimately reach all six inhabited continents. The first coin in the series and one of four coins available individually is The 2019 Portcullis Money gold proof coin.

Featuring the iconic portcullis emblem which gave the coin its famous nickname, the design is complimented by the same lettering and beading as found on the original coin from 1601.


Portcullis Money – Britain’s first international trade coin


Nicknamed ‘Portcullis Money’ after the emblem featured on its reverse, these silver coins were the first British coin struck solely for international use. Minted at the Tower Mint under Queen Elizabeth I for The East India Company’s first voyage, £6,000 worth of Portcullis coins were loaded on to its ships as it set sail in early 1601.

Struck in the same specification as the famous international trade coin of the time, the Spanish Real, the coins are purported to have been requested by the Virgin Queen to demonstrate to the world just how powerful she was following the defeat of King Philip II of Spain’s Spanish Armada . The East India Company knew that they needed a readily accepted silver bullion coin to trade with and to source Spanish reales in quantity would be difficult. Reluctant to strike a direct copy of a Spanish coin, ‘Portcullis Money’ were struck at recognised Spanish weight and fineness as a compromise.

Product Name The 2019 Portcullis Money
Alloy 999.9Au
Product Issue Limit 200
Weight 8gm
Diameter 25mm
Finish Proof
Denomination £2.00
Issuing Authority St Helena
Obverse Jody Clark effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II
Packaging Black Lacquer presentation box,

numbered certificate of authenticity

Coin Mintage Limit 300 coins


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The Empire Collection
The East India Company Empire Collection is a series of coins issued in silver and gold celebrating the stories of the British Empire across the world. Faithfully designed to reflect the history of the subject, each coin is minted to the highest proof quality and issued to extremely low issue limits. Our most detailed and unique series, the Empire Collection offers a beautiful coin set for the most discerning of collectors. Issued each year, if you would like to be notified in advance regarding this and our other coin releases, please contact us through the Contact Us tab or email gold@theeastindiacompany.com.