For All of Spring May Be In A Single Bud


Spring is an incredible time of year when the world awakens from the cold grey of winter.  As  the  sun  begins  to  shine,  the  very  breath  of  spring  fills  one  with  anticipation and hope. As each bud of the season unfurls so does a vibrant palette of fragrance and flavour.

The East India Company is celebrating Spring with the arrival of this year’s Darjeeling First  Flush.  In  the  mist  shrouded  hills  of  the  Himalayas,  one  of  nature’s  secrets  is  revealed each Spring, the first flush of buds that bring in the new tea season. For Darjeeling,  the  First  Flush  carries  with  it  the  hope  and  anticipation  of  an  entire  season.

Awaken your senses this season with The Company’s specially curated selection of flavours from the exquisite Darjeeling First Flush to the essence of cherry blossoms in Sakura Sencha.


Darjeeling First Flush 2016

For tea enthusiasts Darjeeling First Flush is as close as we come to ‘tasting nature’ in its  purest  form.    Darjeeling  tea  enjoys  a  reputation  for  being  a  nuanced  flavourful  tea, very light in the cup allowing for it to be enjoyed without milk or sugar. There are  87  tea  estates  throughout  Darjeeling,  growing  tea  at  various  heights  and  with  differing soil, climate, and crop husbandry practices which significantly affect the quality  of  the  tea.  Over  the  years,  The  East  India  Company  has  worked  with  just  about all of these estates to find what they consider to be the ‘best’ tea of the season.

The  differences  between  our  First  Flush  pickings  each  year  have  been  significant,  with the 2014 having an earthier, meadow grass flavour and a pleasing astringency, while the 2015 had a fresher, morning dew like character with less astringency.
This year, The Company’s Tea Master has worked closely with the Namring Estate to cultivate the ultimate harvest of the season. He has personally monitored the picking and  processing  of  the  tea  ensuring  that  it  imparts  the  ideal  and  much  anticipated  Darjeeling flavour for 2016.

While in recent times, ‘First Flush’ has meant first to market, this race often doesn’t allow  the  tea’s  beauty  to  truly  blossom.  This  year,  the  weather  conditions  in Darjeeling  have  been  highly  irregular.    As  a  result,  the  Tea  Master  has  monitored  ambient weather conditions on a daily basis, waiting for the perfect moment to pick this remarkable tea. Moreover, instead of the usual two leaves and a bud, for this year the Tea Master has asked the plantation to pick a single succulent leaf and a bud. This has enriched the overall flavour resulting in a profile that is sweeter and more floral, one that lingers on the palette.

With a sweet and slightly earthy flavour accompanied by a complex fruit and floral character, this is a tea that The East India Company is very proud of and it is truly a labour of love.

Sakura Sencha

As the first buds of the Japanese Sakura (cherry blossoms) begin to unfurl, the world awakens  to  the  arrival  of  Spring.  Within  days,  the  cherry  trees  are  in  full  bloom,  bathing the gardens and pathways in a fragrant pink mist that will fade with the slightest  puff  of  wind.  It  is  a  temporal  beauty;  one  that  is  widely  revered  and  celebrated in the Japanese festival of Hinami.

In  honour  of  this  thousand-­‐year  old  tradition,  The  Company’s  Tea  Master  has  worked in conjunction with a tea plantation in Shizuoka, Japan to blend their Sencha with Japanese Sakura petals. The smooth, mellow and aromatic base of the Sencha perfectly complements the floral notes of the tender Sakura petals that have been sprinkled into the tea.

Flowering Tea

Flowering tea makes a welcome addition to the delicate flavours depicted by Spring. A mixture of chrysanthemum flowers and rose buds, The East India Company Pillars of  Jade  tea  grown  in  China,  is  an  assortment  of  hand  woven  flowering  tea  bulbs.  When brewed, each bulb blossoms to reveal a bold flower within releasing a light-­‐bodied flavor with floral notes. This tea makes for a rare and dazzling infusion, enjoyable any time of the day.


Fragrant  and  vibrantly-­‐coloured,  the  Hibiscus  Cordial  is  packed  with  the  exotic  Hawaiian hibiscus, poppy and rose. Created especially for use in cocktails, spritzers, dessert  sauces,  fruit  salads  and  pancakes,  this  versatile  product  is  the  perfect  addition to your recipes. Alternatively, simply dilute with chilled, sparkling water for a refreshing midsummer drink. Other flavours include Mimosa, Rose and Lavender.