Celebrate Valentine’s Day


This  Valentine’s  Day,  celebrate  romance  and  love  with  exquisite  gifts  from  The  East  India  Company.  The  Company’s rich heritage lends it the unique opportunity to tell stories from around the world through remarkable  connections,  each  passionately  crafted  into  indulgent  gifts  that  help  to  create  memorable  experiences.

Perfect  for  those  who  are  passionate  about  the  finer  things  in  life,  those  looking  to  create  beautiful  memories and those who take great care in selecting gifts to fill the heart with delight, these gifts will add a special touch of romance on Valentine’s Day.

What will you say it with this Valentine’s Day?

Say it with Flowers

• Rose Buds – Herbal Infusion (£25)
This infusion of natural rose buds with its evocative aroma boasts rejuvenating qualities.
A refreshingly light tea with delicate floral notes.

• Sacred Heart Flowering Tea (£10)
Threaded with orange lily and jasmine flowers and crowned with The Globe Amaranth -­‐ regarded as the symbol of eternal love, these hand-­‐woven bulbs of green tea otherwise known as Sacred Heart has a wonderfully delicate taste. The bulb will unfurl and reveal the flower within whilst infusing. Enjoy a cup of this fine flowering tea at any time of the day.

Say it with Chocolate

White Chocolate Enrobed Strawberries (£9.95)
• A favourite from The East India Company’s range of enrobed chocolate. The contrast of light freeze dried strawberries with the richness of fine Belgian chocolate make for a lush delicacy. Sweet and light with a fresh, sealed-­‐in flavour, every mouthful of the lush White Chocolate Enrobed Strawberries will melt in the mouth.

• Strawberry & Cream White Chocolate Thins (£15)
Our  Strawberries  &  Cream  Chocolate  Thins  are  a  mouth-­‐watering  blend  of  whole  freeze  dried strawberries and creamy white chocolate guaranteed to charm your Valentine.

• Saffron & Rose White Chocolate Thins (£15)
A  limited  edition  recipe  created  by  infusing  hand-­‐gathered  Persian  saffron  in  our  signature  rich white chocolate and accented with delicate natural rose essence.

• The Mumtaz Mahal Chocolate Truffle Book (£30)
The  Mumtaz  Mahal  Chocolate  Truffle  Book  -­‐ brings to life the tale of the legendary  beauty  for whom the glorious Taj Mahal was built. This beautifully crafted truffle box features the image of Mumtaz Mahal, the third wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is said that the emperor fell in love with Mumtaz at first sight and she became an inseparable companion to him; a pillar of support, love and comfort. It was in her honor that the magnificent structure was erected…

Exquisitely packed, The Mumtaz boxes contains a selection of ten types of luxurious chocolate truffles (non-­‐alcoholic), including: dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut, praline, salted dark, ginger, pistachio, coconut and Gianduja

Say it with Romance

• First Romance (£12)
Awaken your senses with delicate aroma of this light bright fine tea. Laced with strawberry, mango and orange, evoke the promise of spring and the excitement of first romance – making this a unique gift this Valentine’s Day!

Say it with Love

• Chakra Love Herbal Infusion (£5.95)
A warming blend of cinnamon, spicy ginger and elderflower to restore balance to the heart chakra, the centre for love and compassion.

Say it with Passion

• Kama Sutra Tea: Tales of Love (£12)
Inspired  by  the  romance  in  the  air,  The  East  India  Company’s  tea  master  has  created a  special  blend  for  Valentine’s Day. With delicate rose petals, sweet ripe orange and warming spices, this tea captures the sentiment of the heart, soft whispers and caresses, passion and butterflies.

The  Kama  Sutra  is  one  of  the  world’s  oldest  treatises on pleasure and sensual living and was originally  compiled in the 3rd century by the Indian Sage Vatsyayana. First translated in 1883 by the renowned orientalist  and  author  Sir  Francis  Burton,  it  titillated  and  scandalised  Victorian  Britain.  While  its  risqué  content is most often referenced, it provides a manual of balancing mind, body, and spirit to achieve harmony with one’s partner.

To  add  sparkle  to  your  celebration,  this  stunning  and  evocative  tea  also  comes  complete  with  a  perfect  recipe for romance exclusive to The East India Company – The Kama Sutra Cocktail.

For  those  looking  for  extra  indulgence,  The  East  India  Company  has  also  created  a  stunning  range  of  hampers to suit all styles and tastes on this romantic day.